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      Manual J calculations, Manual D calculations, and Duct designs


      Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
      $250. single level/single system
      $320. 2 level/single system
      $175. add-on 2nd system
      $175. add-on 3rd system
      additional add-ons (see section below)
      finished basement from single system add $70.00
      upper floor from single system add $70.00
      2nd system add $175.00
      3rd system add $175.00
      add 2nd zone $65.00
      add 3rd zone $65.00
      single floor $75.00
      finished basement add $75.00
      upper floor add $75.00
      one level/one system $135.00
      two level/one system $175.00
      two level/two system $200.00
      add additional system $95.00
      under 2500 sq. ft. $125.00
      over 2500 sq. ft. $200.00

      Please enter the word that you see below.


      Please note: Designs are only as accurate as the information you provide. Please be as accurate as possible with your home's characteristics when submitting information to us.

      Please submit this order form and our design questionaire to help our designers complete your project in a timely manner.

      Whether you are submitting architectural plans or a hand drawn schematic of your home, these forms will help in completion of your project.

      Payment for our services is required before the design work on your project can be started. Call 801-300-5118 or email our designers via the following e-mail form to make payment arrangements. (please note project no. on your payment, if one has been assigned)

      Currently we are accepting payment in the form of personal or business check, Cashier's check, or Money order.

      Currently credit card payments are accepted only through Paypal.

      For PayPal payments we will invoice you via e-mail.

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