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      Perfect Home Hvac Design isn't just about our design services. Take some time and stroll through some of our Consumer information pages.

      Hvac Quick References To Aid The Consumer

      Following is a list of quick, short pages to help the consumer in his/her quest to have the Perfect Home Hvac system. These pages cover many frequently asked questions.

      Quick Tips

      How to buy a central air conditioner

      How to buy a gas-fired furnace

      How to buy a heat pump

      Choose a furnace filter

      Prepare your home for the cold weather

      How to buy a whole-house humidifier

      What the Heck is an HRV?

      Ways to save money on your utility bills this winter

      Do I really need a Manual J load calculation?

      Protection Today for Your Children's Tomorrow

      Buy a Window Air Conditioner

      Hvac design tips for your new home: Think outside the box!

      Troubleshoot First: Furnace and Air Conditioner

      Pre-Service Checklist
      by Shawn Davis, Service Manager / Seattle, Wash.

      Programmable Thermostats: Benefits and Savings

      Some Simple Tips for Improved Home Air Quality
      by Alan Freestone / Ogden, Utah

      Mold, Bacteria, and Ulta-Violet Lights

      Asbestos Exposure: Test your Home for your Family's Health

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