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  • Q After the delivery of the goods found quality problem we need to do?

    A ZIGE company will through the video/image/test case whether the product itself. Whether the goods during the warranty period, the value of the goods are returned (freight, customs, etc.), how will talk to customer quality assurance. After the confirmation is our company's goods problems, will give the customer resend new one.
  • Q How to do when the delivery time delay?

    A because of force majeure , and is unable to perform the contract or delay to perform the contract, we will notify the other party by telex or fax and negotiate, or under the terms of the contract. But if the client defaults cause delay in delivery, we shall not cover the cost of the goods.
  • Q ZIGE company how to solve the problem of international freight?

    A company mainly engaged in international carriage of goods by sea, international carriage of goods by land and air transport of goods way to solve the problem of logistics. The specific way consultation by both parties.
  • Q ZIGE company how to provide the inspection service?

    A before the goods leave the production point, we have already entrusted inspection agency inspection personnel on line inspection for acceptance of goods, inspection certificate issued by the inspection organizations. After the goods arrived at the port of destination /, inspection certificate as goods quality, weight or quantity of the final basis.
  • Q The minimum order quantity ?

    A Usually our minimum quantity (MOQ) is xx, if the quantity is small, the price will be higher; Quantity is big, can give appropriate discount.
  • Q Terms of payment ?

    A Our company accept L/C, T/T, D/P a variety of payment.
  • Q The contract signing ?

    A ZIGE company main contract way as the written form, oral form and other forms of electronic contract. Our company the most commonly used way is written form. Written contract should include and following three aspects: first contract, second, text, three is about the tail. Time is to accept the contract comes into effect, effect and accept an offer to accept notice arrived or accept trading habits behavior shall prevail. ZIGE company when signing a contract, the contract established effective has the following five conditions: one is the parties to a contract must have a signed ability; Secondly, the contract must have a consideration or consideration; Three is the target and content of the contract must be legal; Four is the contract form must conform to the laws and regulations; 5 it is said the meaning of the parties to a contract must be truthful. Concrete after consultation by both parties agreed to sign contract way. When one party fails to perform the contract or performance of the business is not in conformity with the stipulated in the contract, would constitute a breach of contract implementation, should continue to perform, to take remedial measures or damages for breach of contract.
  • Q What are the main export countries and regions?

    A For 10years,ZIGE company has with the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and so on more than 10 countries and regions set up long-term mutually beneficial trade partnership, and get the height of the overseas buyers industry recognition and praise.
  • Q Does ZIGE company only do international trade?

    A Our company has more than 10 years of experience in international trade and professional team of powerful, we will adhere to put all the energy into the international trade business.
  • Q ZIGE is a company or factory?

    A ZIGE is the Asia-Pacific region, a company specialized in infant clothing design, production, processing and sales of export firms.

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