Welcome our Korean customer to come and visit our company

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Welcome Korean customer to visit Henan ZIGE  International Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. on 8th August


On 8th August 2017, Mr.King from Korea came to Zhengzhou to visit us, the employees and  leader of ZIGE 

gave a warmly welcome to the arrival of our customer.  

We took him to our office and factory, introduced some advantages and details of products to him. 


In the office, we talked about the products, productivity, styles and other detail information.  According to the cautious inspection, Mr.King was very satisfied with our baby rompers and had came up some good ideas the moment he saw the clothes, and express that,"if there had a chance, we must will have a cordial working relationship"

Then we had visited our factory, after looking at the process of producing, Mr.King said,  "the seamer did a very good job, she can highly concentrate while she is working and did nothing wrong during the whole course."  

At the end, we communicated more about cooperation, and Mr.King gave a highly opinion of our work and company.  

We had a really good time and communication in the whole visiting process.  Thanks Mr. King again for taking time in busy schedule to visit us!  And sincerely hope that we can meet again soon!






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